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Being a curly girl in the Philippines is literally not an easy “job”. To think that people here prefer to have super straight hair or bouncy straight hair, there’s no chance for a curly girl like me to automatically love my curls. It took me 20 years to realize that, thanks to internet *ehem* YouTube. Thanks to Luhhsettyxo I was motivated to come back to my natural hair and pursue the curly hair journey 😀 Now, what products do I use to maintain my hair?


SHAMPOO Since I’m currently unemployed and living in the province of Tarlac finding curly hair goodies is a hard task. The very first thing that I tried to look for is a sulfate free shampoo. You can’t really find one on grocery stores here, you need to go to Watsons-SM to find the only sulfate free shampoo here in Tarlac. and its.. 01 DSC_8281 DSC_8283 Every curly girl needs a sulfate free shampoo since curly hair’s naturally dry and sulfate takes off the sebum of the hair aka oil that the hair produces. Not everyone appreciates this cause it doesn’t lather as much as the normal shampoo we see on groceries. I’m also having less and less hair fall. I’ve been using this for almost six months now and I totally recommend it 😀 You can check out Nanny Rose’s website for more information (click here) and here are some reviews you might want to check:

@Nanny Rose Gugo Lawat Shampoo & Conditioner Review


@REVIEW: Nanny Rose Gugo & Lawat Anti-hairfall Shampoo

_____________________________________________________________________ CONDITIONER DSC_8336 When I say fluffy I mean it in the nice way fluffy 🙂 And since I’ve been using this my curl pattern turned out a lot better. Plus its a good deal since its 2 for Php200.00, still a little pricey but it works 😉 I’m looking forward to purchasing the shea butter one. This has alcohol in it and silicone so I sometimes use a normal shampoo to clear them off. Here’s a review you might want to check out:

Review daily defense Moroccan Argan oil Conditioner

_____________________________________________________________________ LEAVE-ON CONDITIONER DSC_8296 DSC_8299 A curly hair needs a lot of conditioning and moisturizing. This leave-on adds up some needed moisture. I noticed some changes after purchasing one of these and its been around two (2) months since then. The thing is I need a bigger one so I can save with some wholesale price or something. Check out this site:

LAUAT Leave-on conditioner


_____________________________________________________________________ HAIR OIL DSC_8300 DSC_8302 I’ve recently got a new hair oil and its good to what its supposed to do. its a little pricey to me but I think its fine since its a good mix. I only regret that I spilled almost half of it during our outing because it was so hard to get the lid off when you have slippery hands and that means I’ve wasted half my money but it sure did seal in the water of my clothes cause I couldn’t make them bubble. oh well..



DSC_8305 DSC_8307

THIS! is my life saver!! This is #LEGIT! It seriously removes the fizz and makes my hair curl like BAM! 😀 Its not the best as for the alcohol free and all the jazz but it works for my hair. I know that’s what I need to get my hands off but if it works then its fine by me 🙂 It’s one of the first products I’ve used to tame this mane and I love it!

Check these reviews for more info 😀

Monea Curl Defining Milk: Review

Review: Monea Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion

Product Review: Define your Curls with Monea!





Here are my trustee old tamers XD First the Hydro Gel, I’ve started using this since… I haven’t decided to go curly. Those days that I just want to keep my head to a clean pony tail or a smooth bun this was my life saver. It’s Hydro Gel so it doesn’t look like those stiff hair-ish thingy… it’s lie a wet lookish.. you know? But it never damaged my hair and using this gel went well..

NEXT CAMEI’s Spray Gel that’s really a hair spray (I didn’t notice that before purchasing). I wouldn’t buy a hair spray on purpose cause I’m not a fan but since I got this one I’m using it anyway. I like how it doesn’t weigh down my hair and it gives a good hold w/c keeps my edge and frizz out of the way!


That’s pretty much everything I use every time I wash my hair. I don’t wash my hair on a daily basis since I don’t have to and hair washing only makes my hair dry plus I can’t afford to use up my products fast because as I’ve said I’m not yet employed and I don’t have any purchasing power unless my mama helps me 😛 XD


DSC_8326 DSC_8328 DSC_8324 DSC_8329 DSC_8331 DSC_8319 DSC_8334 DSC_8332 DSC_8333

If you have questions with these don’t hesitate to ask or post a comment. Don’t forget that you can reach me through my social media accounts. Till my next post! See Yah :*



One thought on “Confession of A Curly Girl from Philippines | CURLY LASS PH

  1. […] I started with sulfate free shampoo & shea butter conditioner but not silicone free and now to 90% Organic Products 😀 Sulfate Free Shampoo & Silicone Free Conditioner, Olive Oil + Monea Curl Cream and or Suave Curl Moose. My hair thanks me for this. I have less breakage, it’s fuller, it’s healthier, less itchy, and my hair has never been so defined 😀 I grew almost and inch per month and that’s like… wow wow wow! I don’t know if it’s because I usually shampoo my hair like how you’d do it on the INVERTED METHOD, which I do once a week. Maybe that helped or maybe it’s the other product’s effect or something… You can see my other post to see how short my hair was before. *ehem* CLICK HERE […]


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